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How to get someones IP over Omegle?

Get victims IP
Maybe you've seen it, People who tell you that they can get your IP, now I show you how you really can get the IP of your victim, just look at the "horny Girl" example.
Actually it is not possible to get your opponents IP because of the chat architecture, but if you have a dumb opponent (9 out of 10 are) you can do this easy trick:
You need this URL:
After the "pic_id" enter some random chars and Letters, copy the URL and send it to the Victim if he asks for pictures. After he told you that the page reads: "The Picture has ben deleted" visit the same URL and you get his IP. There is a Button on the Page that allows Informations to be listened, such as Country and ISP

Please note
The IP is not stored on the Server but just kept in Memory for a few Minutes. Choose a complicated Pic_id string like bv24890n60383hj5 so nobody will accidently use the same URL.

This is the simplest method because it just depends on the Stupidity of the Stranger and Stupidity has no upper bound

Some Logs

Select one below
Below are a few Chat Logs you can read.
Some are funnier, some are not
Link Description Donnor
Log 001 A horny Girl AyrA
Log 002 Her Name is Ayra: Talk about Youtube AyrA
Log 003 Her Name is Ayra: Fire AyrA
Log 004 JUST F**KING DIE! AyrA
Log 005 Empty?! AyrA
Log 006 Not important AyrA
Log 007 Her Name is Ayra: Terms of Service AyrA
Log 008 Her Name is Ayra: As long as he thought I am human... AyrA
Log 009 Stop Disconnecting immediately! AyrA
Log 010 Her Name is Ayra: He does not believe AyrA
Log 011 Her Name is Ayra: Did we met earlier? AyrA
Log 012 Her Name is Ayra: ignore what he writes AyrA
Log 013 Her Name is Ayra: silence! AyrA
Log 014 Humans are Bad. Maybe the Stranger is a Dragon Hugo
Log 015 The never ending Game Hugo
Log 016 Her Name is Ayra: Help Me! Hugo
Log 017 Does not speak german AyrA
Log 018 Her Name is Ayra: Did we met earlier? AyrA
Log 019 Her Name is Ayra: Dragons are awesome AyrA
Log 020 Cheap offer AyrA
Log 021 Her Name is Ayra: Football AyrA
Log 022 As long as you are a girl... AyrA
Log 023 Her Name is Ayra: Having a real Conversation is possible AyrA
Log 024 Choose your Chat AyrA
Log 025 Her Name is Ayra: BOOM HEADSHOT! AyrA
Log 026 Weird Discussion AyrA
Log 027 A hard slap! AyrA
Log 028 Trolling at it's best AyrA
Log 029 Her Name is Ayra: Arguing with myself AyrA
Log 030 Awesome sentence! AyrA
Log 031 Real Talking AyrA
Log 032 The Question Game: Dicks AyrA
Log 033 The Question Game: Sexy Dragons AyrA
Log 034 The Question Game: Porn plz AyrA
Log 035 The Question Game: Magnets AyrA
Log 036 The Question Game: A-Z AyrA
Log 037 The Question Game: Indian AyrA
Log 038 The Question Game: Dinosaur AyrA
Log 039 The Question Game: Wrong Question AyrA
Log 040 The Question Game: A Bot? AyrA
Log 041 The Question Game: The Answer to Life the Universe and everything AyrA
Log 042 Spy Mode: I am a Stalker, just Talk AyrA
Log 043 Spy Mode: what is the kinkiest thing you have ever done? AyrA
Log 044 Spy Mode: F**k you im dave strider AyrA
Log 045 Spy Mode: if u were a girl pretending to be a guy on omegle what would u say? AyrA
Log 046 Spy Mode: your best sex story? AyrA
Log 047 Spy Mode: Now that Justin Bieber has died, have you a new hero picked out? AyrA

Her Name is Ayra

According to most humans they do not exist so it is interesting to see how people handle it. Some disconnect immediately, others just ignore it or start to hate you.
These Logs are marked with "Her Name is Ayra".
If you find a Dragon on Omegle, say hello!

The Question Game

Logs marked with "The Question Game" are folowing a simple Rule: The Stanger may ask one Question, you try to answer, no more questions are allowed (see Link on Bottom for sentences)

Other Background Info

I do not save every Log here since most are stupid and boring, some others are just normal Conversations.
If you want to publish a Log you can send it here with your Name (or Nick Name, what ever you prefer), use the "Comment/Feedback" Section in the Form.
I prefer logs in the folowing Form:
Select everything from "You are now chatting..." to "has left" and paste it into the Form.
You can add notes, just let a Line start with "Note: " and then write the Note, Administrative Comments start with "Admin" and can't be set by the Uploader.


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how can you ask a dragon about its age and gender if you do not even believe in Dragons?
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